Hitman – A Reboot of a Stealth Classic

When Hitman was introduced that it will be rebooted back at E3 2015, it was met with much applause. Why? Because the original game was already good enough and it promises to be even better this time around. It will now arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, and for the PC. The really slick trailers really made a promise of the modern assassin’s roots, with bald head and barcode tattoo to complete the ensemble.

Hitman - A Reboot of a Stealth Classic

Many Fans are Awaiting the New Hitman

While many fans of the original game were at the edge of their seats in anticipation, Square-Enix dropped a bomb that the latest Hitman games will arrive in an episodic format. There will be a so-called Intro Pack (or Chapter One) which will include three locations – Marrakesh, Sapienza, and Paris. It will also include six campaign missions as well as gain access to Contracts Mode. In this mode, it will include the new Escalation contracts. These will change and gain more difficulty for every mission you complete.

In other words, say for example, your first mission will have you to kill one person. The next, you will have to dispose of the body. Then, you will have to kill him with a specific weapon and then dump the body. Afterwards, you will then move up to more complicated tasks such as using another specific weapon, wearing a certain costume (that may or may not fit into the environment), and you will have to assassinate your target in a certain location. Completionists will surely get a huge kick out of this game.

Even though the developers did state that the Hitman reboot will be an episodic release, it won’t be your average titles. Developer IO Interactive has an aim to make the new titles to revolve around the “world of assassination.” This is because right after Chapter One, each month the studio will let fans enjoy one new sandbox location per month. Hence, players will be given more and more options to play one title before the next installment gets a release date.

Since this is a reboot, then you would expect that there are new things to experience. To start, there is the familiar disguise ability. It may be something of old from the previous titles, but this time you can carry around a duffel bag full of “borrowed” clothes. But be warned as the AI is now tweaked. If you’re walking around with someone’s clothes and you pass by another person who knows the original owner of said garments, then you’ll be caught faster than you can escape.

The first chapter to the new reboot to Hitman will arrive on March of 2016, and it will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Fans are already waiting at the edge of the seats with much anticipation


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