Hisense FMN432A20C Review – A Classy Alternative to the Four-Door Fridge Freezer

What’s the difference between the Hisense FMN432A20C and other four-door fridge freezers? This one is narrower and shallower than others. It is 80-centimeters and 70-centimeters deep. Also, this model is cheaper than other leading brands.

Hisense FMN432A20C Review - A Classy Alternative to the Four-Door Fridge Freezer

The Hisense FMN432A20C is a More Space-Friendly Fridge Freezer

Within the Hisense FMN432A20C, there is a computer controlled temperature system that aims to keep food inside it fresher for longer periods of time. It will reduce temperature swings with the help of twin evaporators to ensure that the food will not only stay fresh, but will also make sure that the smell won’t pass through the fridge and the freezer.

The FMN432A20C has four doors but is in a more space-friendly design. The right hand freezer is Hisense’s My Fresh Choice Zone which is for chefs and dinner party hosts. In this segments, it offers freezer temperatures from the standard -18 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius. This is ideal for serving frozen desserts.

For its design, the Hisense FMN432A20C freezer is making an effort to take on luxury kitchen appliances in a more reasonable price package. It sports a fit, feel, and finish that will exceed expectations. The stainless steel finish on the doors is neatly brushed and gloss coated. This finish enhances the look and is able to resist fingerprints. Even if you plant a really greasy palm from eating fried-chicken with your hands, the surface can be wiped off easily to clean the mess.

Between the handles, there is a three-quarter inset of gloss black with touch controls and a display. These are seamlessly integrated into the appliance at about nose-height. The subtle blue LEDs will display details of the three zone temperatures and six illuminated symbols for the various modes and warnings.

These touch controls do take a bit of getting used to as there are no obvious places to rest your fingers upon the panel. By default, these controls are locked so you need to press the touch control to unlock it prior to doing anything else with the use of the panel.

Some trial-and-error may be required to be entirely familiar with the freezer’s controls. Once you have established on what these controls do, you can then access temperature controls for each compartment. There is a Super Freeze and Super Cool feature which entitles users high speed chilling.

Ultimately, the Hisense FMN432A20C is a smart, four-door fridge freezer that won’t take up too much space as compared to other premium brands. It is also placed in a more reasonable price point, which makes this appliance a great value for money.


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