Hercules – The Tiniest Motion Controlled Camera System

The Hercules motion control camera system can be used for DSLRs, action cameras, and even on smartphones. With the use of sliders and motion control unites, cameras are able to capture steadier images and footage as compared to holding the device with your hands. With this miniature motion control system, you can move your camera around without worry of having stills or videos riddled with blur caused by camera shake.

Hercules - The Tiniest Motion Controlled Camera System

The Hercules System Will Help You Achieve Steadier Shots

One of the main problems with regards to sliders and motion control units found in today’s market is their price; but that’s not the case with Hercules. The conventional system is heavy and can be sometimes be too complicated to setup and use; but again, that’s not the case with this miniature motion control system for cameras.

With The Hercules, you don’t have to spend a whole lot to get steadier stills and video footage. It lets you create time-lapse videos from your chosen image-taking device without breaking the bank.

The design of this miniature wonder for cameras all over is made to be small but powerful. It is so compact that you don’t need to place it in a large bag. In fact, you can just place it inside your pocket. That’s how small it is. With its tiny and very simple architecture, you can assemble it in a matter of seconds. It will then be able to run smoothly across any flat surface hence it does not need a slider track. This will give you a whole range of ideas as you take on low-angle shots with great versatility, and without the limits of the length of a slider track.

This product weight less than 5-ounces so it is completely lightweight. Its versatility for use will let you create linear dolly shots, panning shots, short and long exposure time-lapse videos, and curved shots. Furthermore, don’t let its tiny demeanor fool you as it contains a powerful motor that can support any camera of up to 20-pounds.

The pocket-friendly device is also programmable but is very simple to do. Speed and direction can be controlled using one button while there are three LEDs that indicate operational status. It also runs continuously with the help of one AAA battery which allows the product to operate for more than an hour at high speeds, or up to 5 days when in time-lapse mode.

Hercules achieves versatility and is able to assist professionals and beginners in photography to get the shots they want. Take breath-taking panorama shots, astounding time-lapse videos, and stunningly smooth linear moves without the use of large contraptions.


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