Hardware: Rivals Review – Keeping You Busy for a Few Evenings

Hardware: Rivals follows the PS2 classic, Hardware: Online Arena. If you haven’t heard about the 2002 game, then you’re not alone. It was a time wherein pioneering game console titles such as Halo, Rainbow Six 3, Unreal Tournament/Championship, SOCOM, and many others that soon became their rise to gaming success, Hardware: Online Arena was but one of many titles that just drifted into the back corner for a lot of gamers to ignore. That being said, can Rivals do more justice this time around?

Hardware: Rivals Review - Keeping You Busy for a Few Evenings

Hardware: Rivals is Great for Short-Term Gaming

Just like it’s not-so-famous predecessor, Hardware: Rivals is about a vehicle combat game. It pits all sorts of armored vehicles such as tanks, jeeps, and buggies in four arena stages. Using the PS4’s controller configuration, players will use the left stick to steer, the face buttons are used to accelerate and brake (or use the L2 and R2 buttons as an alternative), and aim the vehicle’s turret with the use of the right analogue stick.

Each vehicle in the game has its own range of permanent primary weapon (with unlimited ammo)(, and a slew of secondary weapons which can be picked up through driving around the arena. Ammo for secondary weapons is extremely limited and only the last weapon you passed through will be equipped. Therefore, if you still have some remaining ammo for a current secondary weapon and drive by a new icon, it will be replaced with the newer armament.

Hardware: Rivals (PS4) is like a very simple take on the more popular Twisted Metal franchise. Because of this, there is not much depth with regards to gameplay. All you have to do is drive around and blast all enemies around the enemy away. Game modes are your standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, control point, and elimination mode. In elimination mode, you will only be given one life per round for a best-of-five team deathmatch.

When it comes to gameplay and visual aspects, Rivals is a solid little game which is enjoyable in short bursts of playtime. It is not one that you would spend so many hours with, nor you would consider yourself playing it over and over again for six months. Herein lies the main problem as its short-term life never goes beyond that. It will be enjoyable to play with friends for an evening or two, or when you’re completely bored out of your wits. But other than that, you may want to stick with other games instead.

Beyond its simplistic gamestyle and visual appeal, there is nothing else lying in wait for gamers with Hardware: Rivals. Most players may even desert the game after a month or two of playing it, or even just after a few nights.


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