GranVela V1 Dual Driver Earphones Review – Great Sound Quality in a Unique Design

What is the GranVela V1? It is a pair of dual-driver earphones that uses magnetic neodymium iron boron magnets to suggest the strongest drive unit. It is equipped with a high-performance, dynamic driver system with two 6-millimeter driver units. It boasts a unique design, and a great array of customization as it has various included earbuds included in the standard package. For its price, it creates fantastic sound performance as audio produces great clarity.

GranVela V1 Dual Driver Earphones Review - Great Sound Quality in a Unique Design

The GranVela V1 are, Simply Put, a Pair of Great Earphones

For its design, the GranVela V1 has a look that can impress. The design choice immediately sets the unit apart from its rivals. There are many audiophiles who now factor in the look of their chosen earphones whenever they’re out and about in the market to look for a decent pair. With the V1, you may no longer have to look for another pair of earphones; well, in a design perspective anyway.

Build quality is top-notch and it also delivers good points in comfort. There are no noticeable blemishes in the production of the earphones, which is good to see. Every single edge on the earphones are polished and there is a great attention to detail. The GranVela V1 Dual Driver Earphones can take quite a beating and it will come out unscathed. Hence, it can be great for some sports. It should also be noted that the included wires and jacks are also built to last.

When it comes to standard accessories, the packaging comes packed with them (no pun intended). To start, there is an array of customizable earbuds included in the package than a lot of earphones in the market. Even higher-end earphones do not have such an array of extra earbuds. This just means that the company really takes their clients to heart. Apart from the earbuds, there is also an included travel case built with a semi-hard casing.

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In terms of sound quality, you may be disappointed at first since the audio may come out muddy. However, changing the earbuds can immediately change the situation. The earphones need to have a snug fit for them to give out the full audio experience. Still, the highs are a bit “screechy” but it does deliver a pretty punchy low-end bass frequency.

Overall, the GranVela V1 is a great pair of earphones as it delivers fantastic build quality, design, audio experience, and it comes packed with a good number of accessories.


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