Google Maps – Get Ready to See a Ton of Ads

When it comes to being the search engine giant, Google is seen to be squeezing the dollars from businesses across the globe by placing ads in different places, such as in search results; and now, their latest addition to those locations will be in the form of Google Maps. This week, the company known for their search engine quietly announced changes towards two of their most widely used services, in which they offer businesses the chance to pay for featured ads in their Maps and in their offerings.

Google Maps - Get Ready to See a Ton of Ads

Google Maps Update Does Not Please Many

Sridhar Ramaswamy outlined in an official blog post in Google about the likely changes that will take place with Google Maps which will allow users to see pop up ads for local businesses whenever they use the GPS-based mobile application. There are those who even play with the update as “the Ad-pocalypse,” however the search engine and technology firm has shown more tact regarding the use of their language as they tell its users these are “promoted pins.”

“To help advertisers reach consumers searching for physical business locations, we’re introducing new local search ads across and Google Maps,” Mr Ramaswamy explained in the blog post. “Maps users may start to see promoted pins for nearby coffee shops, gas stations or lunch spots along their driving route.”

There are also other similar pop ups that will start appearing whenever users make location-based searches. Advertisers, especially those who are using location extensions, will be able to showcase their business locations whenever users are searching for things such as “car repair shop near me,” or “shoe store in the city,” as per the blog post.

The company also points out that nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location. Therefore, it does make sense for it to find more ways of incentivizing such a service towards businesses that want to purchase in the targeted ad space. Google also stated that it will strive to ensure that experiences being delivered towards their users do no become too cluttered just because of the addition of the advertisements.

There is a Google spokesman that told Ars Technica about the promoted pins in Google Maps as it will often relate to sales and promotions within nearby areas. “Promoted pins may appear, depending on whether the store is advertising something at that time. For example, if you open up Maps to find the nearest hardware store, the search results will list your options, and may also feature an ad telling you that the nearby B&Q is having a 10 per cent off promotion,” the spokesman explained.


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