Gamevice (iPhone) – Claimed to be the Best iPhone Game Controller But It’s Still Not Worth Purchasing

The Gamevice is made for mobile gamers, especially those who own the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. It is made to fill the gap that many gamers are looking for in their smartphone – a physical controller. Even though touching virtual controls does promote a solid gaming experience, it still does not compete when it comes to pressing on physical buttons in terms of performance. This device is definitely the most practical gamepad that you can get for your iPhone. However, it carries one major flaw, or the lack thereof – it does not have an extensive support from apps. Hence, you will only get a handful of games to use this on.

Gamevice (iPhone) - Claimed to be the Best iPhone Game Controller But It's Still Not Worth Purchasing

The Gamevice is Still Pretty Hard to Recommend

But if you must have the Gamevice, even if it does lack a good amount of support from apps, then know you will get the a great game controller for your Apple smartphone. This is mostly thanks to the flexible, folding frame. While many game controllers for mobile devices are vying for the PlayStation DualShock or the Xbox controller look, this particular one does not support such design. It is a wispy pair that makes use of surprisingly comfortable grips. It has a stretchy fabric band found in between so that you can stow it away neatly when not in use.

Even though it does lack a good long list of compatible games, some of the ones that are attuned to the Gamevice (iPhone) are actually pretty good. For one, there’s Sonic the Hedgehog which the device makes controlling the very fast blue hedgehog a whole lot easier to manage than tapping on a virtual controller. Avoiding certain death in Limbo is also made simpler to handle with the use of this particular physical controller for the iPhone.

If you want to enjoy some PlayStation games of old, the controller is compatible with some of those. For instance, why not save the planet once more with Cloud and the gang in Final Fantasy VII. For those who want the more “thug life” approach, the controller is also compatible with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Performance for the Gamevice is very promising and it is a joy to use. Sadly, the lack of support from apps still makes it quite difficult to recommend. Furthermore, its price point is definitely in-line with the new iPhones as it can put a hole in your wallet. The bottom line to get this is if you really want it and if you have the extra cash to spend on it.


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