Galaxy S5 Hidden Baby Crying Detector

Galaxy S5 Hidden Baby Crying Detector

Samsung S5 surely came with a bang and it looks like we are still being quite fascinated by what it has to offer. We are aware of the heart rate sensor and its fingerprint scanner and now we discover another interesting feature of the baby monitor which alerts the parents right away if the child is crying. It might appear very surprising that such a feature was not discovered by anyone till yet. It is hidden inside the accessibility menu options.

This baby crying detector option is capable of sending out vibrating alerts on a Galaxy Gear which has been paired with the smartphone and it sends out a notification every time your child starts crying. We understand that it is not a full fledged baby monitor and the use of it will require some extra caution and as it appears, the feature will give its best results when the device is placed within 1 meter from the baby with no background noise. Besides that, the app is a great addition to the smartphone and a very clever idea which aids with parenting. It is little treat for the parents hidden inside their smartphones.

For it to function the GS5 has to be paired to a Galaxy Gear smartwatch and to be left within 1 meter of the baby in a room with no background noise. Presumably, that means something like a fan or one of those noisemaker things to calm a fussy baby will interfere with the feature.

Samsung also warns that the feature should not be a substitute for adult care. Most new parents develop a hypersensitivity to baby crying that has them running to the baby’s room at every little whimper for the first few months. If you are heavy sleeping parent this might be a cool feature for you. That is assuming you can be without your phone around the house long enough to leave it by the baby.


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