Fujifilm X100T Review – Capturing the Photographer’s Imagination

The Fujifilm X100T is the successor to the Fujifilm X100. Even though its predecessor captured the hearts of many shutterbugs despite its own brand of shortcomings, this newer model has ironed out a lot of the issues that were seen in the older unit. It still has that fixed-lens and photographers shoot with an APS-C imaging sensor, but the camera does house some truly modern tech within.

Fujifilm X100T Review - Capturing the Photographer's Imagination

The Fujifilm X100T is a Old-School Looking Camera With Modern Tech

Design-wise, the Fujifilm X100T looks an awful lot like its older brother. It does get mocks and stares for some as it did not attempt to go for an aesthetic progression. However, there are many who feel that it did not need a design innovation in the first place.

Its retro charm is one of the reasons why many people are falling for the X100T right of the bat. While many cameras of today, point-and-shoot, mirrorless, or SLRs, are trying to vie for the more modern-looking approach, Fujifilm makes use of the retro-theme to melt the hearts of photographers everywhere with its nostalgic appeal.

Its frame is made out of magnesium alloy and it offers a suitable level of strength, without having the big weight of a premium-class camera. The front and back has a leather-like texture, and its build quality has definitely been made better than its predecessor. It feels like it can last for years, and even for decades if you’re really that careful.

However, even though it looks compact enough, it still won’t fit inside your jeans pocket. It comes with measurements of 127 x 74 x 57-millimeters and it does have some heft in it. If you want a more compact camera than this one, then perhaps you are better off looking somewhere else.

But when it comes to image quality, it scores additional points in that department. It shoots with a 16.3-megapixel sensor and images come out bright and sharp. Its 35-millimeter f/2 lens assures some power in terms of low-light shooting. However, this camera may be made with still pictures in mind as its video capabilities are still not good enough. This was a problem found in the X100 and the firm may have left the improvements for this feature out for now to help in keeping the price point to a reasonable level.

Overall, the Fujifilm X100T presents great image quality with a decent imaging sensor and lens. It appeals to photographers who are looking for the retro look. It does have limited capabilities in terms of video shooting but those who want decently great still can opt for this unit.


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