FortrezZ Water Sensor Review – Falls Short of Just About Everything

While setup of the FortrezZ Water Sensor is pretty simple, it fails in just about every other area. First of all is its price; for its price tag, many of what little features it has do not live up to standards. Basic functions only do half the work, and the product has way too few elements that will help it distinguish itself from the competition.

FortrezZ Water Sensor Review - Falls Short of Just About Everything

The FortrezZ Water Sensor is a Device to Avoid

Flood sensors are not complicated devices, and the FortrezZ Water Sensor is a simple one at that. Still, simplicity does not mean that it should not function well. This is as basic as a flood sensor can get, but it is overpriced. If you’re not too concerned about its price tag, then you should know that its feature offerings are way too sparse.

The strength of the FortrezZ Sensor lies in its simplicity. However, the bottom line here is that it is not that reliable. First, you should know that flood sensors have two or three metal probes that will extend from their tiny bodies. When these get in contact with water, it will detect increased conductivity between them, thus setting of an alarm of some sort.

This sensor has the same approach, but does it poorly. The plastic which supports the body of the device is found to be slightly longer than the probes. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of having the probes in the first place. When there is even a small amount of water trickling underneath the sensors, it will rarely detect it. Therefore, this device will only detect water when it has pooled higher than the device itself. This is a major design flaw and can even render the device useless.

Not only is the water sensing functionality as problematic as you will ever see in a water sensing device, the temperature sensing feature does not work well either. Hence, this would bring the device to be disappointingly meager in terms of hardware, and even software offerings.

The design is also way too normal as it is a bulky black box that has a button while two probes can be seen at the bottom. It does feature a chirping alarm when it detects water, but the question here is “When?”

The FortrezZ Water Sensor is an overpriced, overly problematic device with very poor performance. Features are too few and the functionalities that it has do not work properly. This is certainly one device to avoid entirely.


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