FLYBi Drone Brings Live View to a Whole New Level with Built-In VR

What makes the FLYBi drone different from just about any other flying device of its kind it brings a whole new definition of bringing live feeds to its users. This drone lets users take a first-hand look at what the drone’s camera is recording with the aid of a VR headset. Quadcopters are no longer a new thing these days. Companies are constantly trying to “one up” the competition by creating innovations to specs, feature, and design. With the FLYBi, it aims to fulfill earlier concepts, like the Oculus FPV, to life.

FLYBi Drone Brings Live View to a Whole New Level with Built-In VR

The FLYBi Drone Brings Users a First-Hand Look at What Their Recording with the Help of Virtual Reality

The FLYBi drone has a pair of connected goggles (which the user will wear) to receive live streams coming from the flying device’s on-board camera. The camera has an imaging sensor of 12-megapixels and can record 1080p resolution videos. It will then display whatever the camera is recording to a pair of HD LCD displays located on the goggles. The FLYBi quadcopter’s headset also comes equipped with that will track every movement of the user’s head. Therefore, the drone can be controlled just by simply navigating it with a turn of the head. For example, looking to the left will turn the drone in that direction. This lets the user to “become the drone” (so to speak).

The HD camera on the quadcopter also comes with on-board Wi-Fi storage as well. This storage is located inside a transparent protective dome. This might be a problem for some video recording instances as the dome may produce flaring or glares at certain angles. Another neat feature of the goggles is that it also has a front-facing camera embedded into it. Hence, users will be able to switch between what they see with the drone and what they see in front of them with just a push of a button. This eliminates the hassle of having to constantly remove the goggles to check what’s in front when on the ground.

Aside from the virtual reality experience the drone brings, there is also an app which allows the quadcopter to fly at predetermined patterns. Also, the device has a built-in self battery swapping feature for longer flights. Many quadcopters are lost everyday due to them landing to who-knows-where because the battery ran out while in mid-air. The FLYBi is able to change its battery on its own so this scenario won’t happen. The FLYBi drone is already being crowdfunded over at Indiegogo and lets backers give a variety of pledge levels for different rewards.


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