Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imager Review – See What Others Can’t

With a Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imager, you can save a lot of money and time in searching for potential problems in your home before they become costly disasters. This thermal imaging system comes with many innovative functionalities. For instance, users are able to perform infrared scans with a faster speed and do it more efficiently. It can also document problem areas thoroughly for better inspections.  It is built with an ultra-sleek and intelligent design that meets performance standards. It is a great tool for performing diagnostics in your home or in other areas wherein thermal imaging may be needed.

Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imager Review - See What Others Can't

The Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imager is a Rugged, Ergonomic Infrared Detection System

The Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imager is a 30Hz wireless infrared camera. It has an ergonomic design to make usage simple and hassle-free. In fact, using it is as simple as a point-and-shoot digital camera – you point, then you shoot. It is a great choice for electromechanical, process, or building inspections. It can be used to search for air leaks, overheated bearings, hidden moisture spots, and so much more.  This thermal imaging system is created with IR Fusion technologies. This blends the infrared and visible light images creating a more detailed and accurate view of problem areas. Users are then able to view the results on the large 3.5-inch LCD screen. If you have a team with you to help you detect problem areas, then you can send the data from the Ti105 instantly through the Fluke Connect app.

What’s in the Fluke Connect app?  With the Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imaging System and the Fluke Connect app, you and your team gain access to the essential tools for viewing multiple measurements of energized elements. These can be viewed from up to 20-feet away from the test or target point.  Users are able to set up multiple modules for more accurate readings on a single test area. They can then keep their distance from the hazard zone and remotely view all the data readings through the use of the app. By keeping your distance, you and your teammates will be safe from any hazardous situations while still being able to get the data you need to assist you in rectifying the situation.  The Ti105 Thermal Imager allows users to reduce maintenance time on their thermal imaging tools while increasing uptime. You can view different measurements when using the Ti105 which are thermal, electrical, mechanical, and vibration. With the Ti105, you improve safety, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration with teammates.

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