First is the self-driving cars, now the world has its first self-driving truck.

First is the self-driving cars, now the world has its first self-driving truck.

The arrival of the first self-driving truck in the world had already been officially announced by Daimler bigwig Wolfgang Bernhard and Nevada governor Brian Sandoval thus and so the truck hit the road formally.

The first truck that can drive itself is the Freightliner Inspiration, it is a Daimler 18-wheeler but this one particular truck is geared up with technology which powered it to drive do self-driving. The goal of this self-driving truck according to Daimler, which also owns Mercedes-Benz, is to make transportation safer especially travelling on a long-haul road. This truck is also cheaper and the most attractive offer this truck can give is it is better for the planet.

Bernhard says that “There’s a clear need for this generation of trucks, and we’re the pioneers who are willing to tackle it.”

What are the things this truck can do?

For now this kind of self-driving semi-truck offers only limited version of autonomy, the car will only self- drive only on the highway, this self-driving truck is a cautious driver that will maintain not just safe distance but it will stick on its particular lane thus and so accidents are unlikely to happen, more than that this semi-truck will not overtake slower vehicles on the same lane.

If there are cases in which the truck senses that it can’t confidently maneuver, the truck itself will alert its human companion to take over and drive through a particular beep and icons in the dashboard. Within five seconds if the truck doesn’t receive response from the human driver, the truck will gradually slow down and eventually stop.

There is no major differences in terms of truck’s components from the latest trucks and passenger cars Daimler created.

What you will have and not have in this truck?

  • There is a stereoscopic camera which reads lane lines
  • There is a short and long range radar that will scan the road up to 800 feet ahead for obstacles
  • There is no sensors face backward.
  • There’s no vehicle-to-vehicle communication, no LIDaR

The Freightliner is still in the state where in it will be tested further to see how capable it is, if test results will prove that this truck are safer this could mean that there is a bigger future for this kind of autonomous trucks in the future. Its creator Daimler is confident that the truck will not be hazardous on the public roads and this claim is supported by and the Nevada DMV agree.


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