Final Fantasy XV – The Release Date and Other Things to Know About

After 10 years of development, Final Fantasy XV is now within grasp as it will finally be released this year. Furthermore, many would deem it the most important entry into the series that has come to define the meaning that is playing Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs). Many fans of the Final Fantasy franchise feel like the glory days of the series only feel like something being brought by a nostalgic affair. Final Fantasy VII through IX was able to deliver deeply engaging worlds along with characters that you will come to know and love in which these elements are the envy of RPGs across the globe, and not only in Japan. More recent releases from the franchise left some gamers with a feeling of paradise lost.

Final Fantasy XV - The Release Date and Other Things to Know About

What to Know About the Upcoming Final Fantasy XV

Many fans are expecting more out of Final Fantasy XV, especially those who have played the two demos that have been released by Square Enix. Episode Duscae offered a sneak preview as to how players would be able to take control of Noctis (the hero of the 15th major installment of the Final Fantasy franchise) and his gang of friends (which he treats as to be something more of a family). Furthermore, the latest demo, which was entitled “Platinum Demo,” allowed fans to get a sneak preview of the final build of the game, along with small tidbits of Noctis’ past.

Fans hope that playing Final Fantasy 15 will rid themselves of the memory that has wrought their gaming minds with some mishaps that have happened in previous titles. For instance, Final Fantasy XIII removed any sense of freedom and it was basically too linear of an approach. Speaking to non-player characters (NPCs) forced players into traversing a game that is rigid that almost everything about it felt like work rather than play.

When Final Fantasy XIV came into the scene, this was actually the series’ second attempt of having a massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) as the developers’ first was that of Final Fantasy XI (which failed miserably). Furthermore, the first attempt at FFXIV also failed that it led the publisher to scrap the initial game and release a new, better one but still under the same title.

Because of these previous games, fans who are excitedly awaiting Final Fantasy XV are still left with some degree of fear and doubt. Initial impressions do look good with the two demos that were released, but only when the game is launched on September 30th of this year will we be able to see a proper review.


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