Final Fantasy VII Remake – 2016 is Still the Year of Preparations

Announced in last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will officially be happening, or rather it is already happening but it is not yet released into the public. In other words, it is still under development and it is still unclear when the game will be released. However, many speculate that it will be launched within the 20th anniversary of the original 1997 PlayStation role-playing game. Hence, it could be that it might get released sometime during 2017.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - 2016 is Still the Year of Preparations

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Might be Released on the 20th Year Anniversary of the Original Title

Since it is speculated that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive next year, 2016 will be the year of preparations. Square Enix also implies that they are unable to touch everything within the original title into one game as they have to work on a ton of details and animations from the ground-up. Therefore, the remake will be released in episodes.

Before hardcore fans would rage in disappointment about this announcement, there are key points as to this decision. First, it would mean that the developers would be able to focus on key elements of the story per episode. Furthermore, it would also mean that some untouched areas from the original game will play a better role this time around. For instance, the cross-dressing Cloud event can even expand into something larger than what was seen within the PS One classic.

In case Square Enix would introduce installments of the remake for Final Fantasy VII, then fans should also be expecting larger map areas. In the PS One classic, Midgar was limited to some small sectors such as Sector 5 and Sector 7. However, technology has been good to the videogame industry as current-generation home gaming consoles are now capable of bringing much more. Therefore, it might even mean that players are able to explore other regions within Midgar to which has never been done before.

2017 marks the year of the game’s 20th anniversary and therefore it could mean that the company would launch the HD remake in a way of celebrating 20 years of the highly-acclaimed 7th installment to the Final Fantasy franchise.

With the upcoming release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, many fans can only hope for the best as to what is to come, even though it is clear that the “1st episode” will be an incomplete experience with regards to the story.


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