Fallout 4 Review – Welcome to the End

When Bethesda announced that they were about to release Fallout 4 at E3 this year, fans were literally jumping for joy and clapping their hands like there was no tomorrow. Now, gamers all over no longer have to wait as the game they have been waiting for months has finally arrived. This videogame is a fantastic open-world role-playing game that has an amazing sense of depth, style, and presence. It offers what could be a seemingly endless amount of things to do. There are so many areas to explore and a ton of characters to meet. There are new features thrown into this game such as settle management which adds to the fun.

Fallout 4 Review - Welcome to the End

Fallout 4 is a Welcoming Addition to the Videogame Franchise

So, does Fallout 4 have what it takes to beat its competitors and even its predecessors to a bloody pulp? The short answer is Yes. It has been seven years since the last Fallout game (that being Fallout 3) and now Bethesda Games has even delivered an even more massive gaming experience. This one is overflowing with seemingly endless activity. There is practically so many things to do like explore the wasteland, kill baddies, or stay in your settlement and build your in-game house(?) of your dreams. The game is amazingly focused and realized as it is easily one of the best games that anyone can pick and play this year.

When the game starts you will know what exactly happened to the world and why Armageddon had struck. In the game, you will play the role of a resident of Vault 111, which is an underground bunker that has hastily populated right before a nuclear holocaust scorched practically everything on the planet’s surface. The year is 2077, and you and your family have to wait until the “all-clear” signal comes from above. But something unexpected happened during cryo-freezing – it’s 200 years later.

If you’ve played Fallout games in the past, then logic will come rushing back to you. The game has an overwhelming open-world design and the graphics are on par with modern day gaming systems. There are, however, areas that do need some more work such a few glitches with the framerate for the PS4 version and there are some graphical problems pertaining to the PC versions. But these glitches are somewhat minor and does not destroy the overall experience from the game.

Fallout 4 is an amazing game and could probably be in the running for this year’s “Game of the Year” award. In this game, you can have a ton of fun, even a desolate wasteland riddled with mutations and raiders who are constantly trying to kill you.


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