Fable Legends – Not Surprisingly, The Game Shuts Down

If you’ve perceived that Fable Legends is going to shut down, then you have the same thinking as just about everyone else. When the announcement came that Microsoft was going to shutter Lionhead Studios and close down the beta of the game on April 13, 2016 (which was earlier this week), players of the game desperately scrambled to enjoy their last moments within the game. Furthermore, Lionhead Studios made the announcement by Microsoft even more official as they have posted the statement on the game’s website that players who have bought Gold within the beta period will be issued a full refund through Xbox and Windows Store. There are reports that there are players who have already received their refunds as what their status from various social media accounts dictate. For those who want to check if they have received their discount, they can go to their Microsoft account.

Fable Legends – Not Surprisingly, The Game Shuts Down

Fable Legends is About to Shut Down. Microsoft Issues Full Refund for Players Who Spent Real Cash on the Game.

Fable Legends is a four player co-op videogame which had been trailing behind it’s expected release dates throughout most of its development period. It was originally announced back in 2013 and Lionhead Studios even made a claim during E3 2014 that the title will be launched to the Xbox One within the aforementioned year. After this announcement was made, many players quickly signed up for the beta period with excitement and gleams of hope shining in their eyes. According to Microsoft, the game was supposed to deliver a “unique experience that feels familiar for fans, yet new and vibrant.”

It wasn’t until February of last year that we have learned that the game will actually be a Free-to-Play model as announced by director David Eckelberry. Lionhead Studios then try to deflect some of the negative comments perceived about Fable Legends beta as its fanbase was concerned about the overall quality of the experience.

However, Fable Legends announced release date, after release date, after release date and it was soon found out that it was bumped to an eventual launch on February of this year. Perhaps it is because of the multiple delays, the lack of publicity, and the lack of updates and content that the game just ran over for approximately a month before the announcement came that its servers are about to be shut down. However, this might not be the actual end of the game as there are reports that remaining members of Lionhead Studios will allegedly continue development for the game but as an independent studio.


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