Everlast PowerTig 255EXT Digital Pulse Welder Review – Take Your Shop to the Next Level

The 2015 Everlast PowerTig 255EXT Digital Pulse Welder is known to deliver exceptional power and performance, all the while carrying a budget friend price range. It has a long list of competitive features and still has unique functionalities to separate this power welder from the competition. Competitive functions include memory, wave, and pulse forms, which are all thanks to the microprocessor from Infineon.  The PowerTig 255EXT is on a league on its own. When you compare it to other power welders, it can offer an advanced AC pulse and stick performance (e.g. hot start and arc force control) which other welders have trouble dealing with.

Everlast PowerTig 255EXT Digital Pulse Welder Review - Take Your Shop to the Next Level

Power Up Your Shop with the 2015 Everlast PowerTig 255EXT Digital Pulse Welder

Advanced pulse found in the 2015 Everlast PowerTig 255EXT Digital Pulse Welder is a new feature introduced in the digital PowerTig line. This improves that top and low end performance on Aluminum. The pulse can be set to increase the penetration on thick Aluminum for up to 25-percent over the accepted traditional limit when it comes to the maximum output of a welder.  There are also 2 “Easy Start Up” modes for the PowerTig 255EXT Welder. These adds to the device’s versatility while still keeping operations fairly simple to work with. The unit also excels when it performs as a stick welder.

As a stick welder, it features hot start time, hot start intensity, and arc force control adjustments. These make it a perfect all-around welder for E6010 or E7018 welding.  Just about everything about the PowerTig 255EXT was carefully designed for maximum longevity, reparability, and durability. It has a componentized design and IGBT components from Infineon. These make troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair for the device (should it break down) a simple and easy process.

One of the innovations found in the 255EXT pulse wilder is the use of Power Factor Correction. This will allow the unit to be used on a power that may not be as clean and stable as it should. Other new features included in the 2015 model include a spot weld timer function, which will allow the operator to make perfectly consistent spot welds.  The device also has a unique and more convenient method to purge gas. It can also set gas without initiating arc flow through the use of a dedicated purge button.  The 2015 Everlast PowerTig 255EXT Digital Pulse Welder is just about everything that you want and need in a welding machine. It does its job beautifully, as it should considering that has quite the hefty price tag.

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