EVE: Valkyrie – Prepare the Barf Bags

Even though it is currently in its alpha stages, EVE: Valkyrie is looking to be one great virtual reality game. It will be available for the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, PC, and PS4. Experiencing it, especially when using a VR console, will let you right in on the game. It uses head-tracking technology to assist in letting players take on the ship’s controls. Since you are placed dead center in a craft, some gamers who are not attuned to sudden motions may want to prepare some barf bags.

EVE: Valkyrie - Prepare the Barf Bags

EVE: Valkyrie is Set to be an Amazing VR Experience

In EVE: Valkyrie, there are three main ship types which are Fighter, Support, and Heavy. The first choice is your basic assault-type. This is a good all-rounder as it had the basic stats covered. The support ships will act as a traditional medic that are found in many multiplayer titles. This type of ship has the ability to heal teammates with their look-to-lock shield buffering feature. Doing this on an enemy can drain their shield and will be susceptible to your attacks. Then there are the heavy types, which are basically your tank class. Basically speaking, these are slower as compared to the Fighter or the Support classes, but have better armor and firepower.

Aside from the different ship categories, Valkyire also offers the chance to let pilots customize their own crafts. You can “pimp out” your ship with custom features to make it unique. You can give the craft paint jobs, provide more aesthetic appeal, or combine parts for added armor or firepower.

The game also comes with numerous game modes, one of which is Scout Mode, which is also the simplest one. It will just give you the opportunity to fly around while inside your ship and just marvel at the vastness of space that envelops you. There are no battles on this mode so you can just sit back and just drool over at the graphics being thrown at you. Other modes include Recall and Survival, which are PVE modes.

Even though it is still in its alpha stages, EVE: Valkyrie is about to set the standards of VR gaming as we know it. Graphics are absolutely superb, and you can feel a sense of nirvana when you’re in your ship and just looking out the window. But when battle strikes, action can become intense; so intense, in fact, that those who are not used to sudden movements can get motion sickness pretty quick. But even if you do reach for the barf bag, you might want to put the VR headset back on and continue playing because it’s just that good.


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