Epson PowerLite 580 XGA 3LCD Projector Review – No 3D Support But Delivers Bright, High-Quality Images

What is the Epson PowerLite 580 XGA 3LCD Projector? It is an ultra-short-throw projector that combines XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution and a 3,200-lumen brightness rating to deliver high-quality images at a very close distance from a screen. This should automatically pique your interests should you be in the market for a projector that won’t sit too far away from a screen and can throw images that is large enough for a small to mid-sized room. Its brightness rating means its images can stand up to ambient light.

Epson PowerLite 580 XGA 3LCD Projector Review - No 3D Support But Delivers Bright, High-Quality Images

The Epson PowerLite 580 XGA 3LCD Projector Can Immediately Make Its Way Into Homes

The Epson PowerLite 580 XGA 3LCD Projector is built around three LCD chips; this guarantees that there won’t be any rainbow artifacts showing, which is otherwise the case for single-chip DLP projectors. This three-chip design also means that it can deliver the same white brightness to color brightness. Hence, you no longer have to worry about the differences between the two to affect color quality or color brightness.

As with many, if not most LCD projectors in the market, the PowerLite 580 XGA Projector does not offer any 3D support. But for the majority of data-projection needs, you won’t be needing this support anyway. Hence, the lack of 3D support is not really an issue. But if you are in need of a projector that can throw 3D images, then you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Its brightness can easily stand up to ambient light with an image size that is suitable for a mid-sized room. For smaller screen sizes, you can place the projector into Eco mode, or choose one of the lower brightness preset modes, or even both.

Image and audio quality for data images presents the projector to have near excellent performance. When using the unit in Presentation mode, you will notice a low contrast ratio. This will result in an obvious glow in images with black backgrounds. But when it comes to using it in other pre-defined modes, then you won’t see any problem.

When viewing images, colors come out beautifully saturated, bright, and vibrant. Details were abundant, and text was very readable and crisp, especially when reading white text on a black background. White text on black background is readable down to 9 points in font size, and black text on a white background was readable down to 6.8 points.

If you don’t mind the lack of 3D support, then the Epson PowerLite 580 XGA 3LCD Projector should be making its way to your home right about now. It provides excellent image, audio, and text quality, and couple that with an impressive brightness rating, and you got yourself a great ultra-short-throw projector.


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