Eora 3D – Scan Objects With Your Smartphone

If you don’t know about Eora 3D, then know that it is a high-precision 3D scanner that is powered by your smartphone. The precision of scanning objects of this smartphone-powered scanner is sub-100 microns. This means that it can recreate the scanned object in a 3D image which is in full-color and are incredibly rendered on-screen.

Eora 3D - Scan Objects With Your Smartphone

Precision 3D Scanning With Eora 3D

When using the Eora 3D, users need to be in a distance of 1 meter (or about 3 feet) from the subject of their choice. This is based on the typical smartphone camera’s Field of View. The device will then capture the subject that is around a 1-square meter range (or about 3-feet by 3-feet) in a single scan. For larger objects, you can scan them multiple times and then stitch them up together using the dedicated app or with a compatible desktop software. The package also includes a 1/4″ – 20 UNC thread at its bottom so that it can easily be mounted onto tripods.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Eora 3D Scanner is its green laser. If you haven’t quite noticed, most consumer 3D scanners use red lasers. So what’s the difference when using green laser? Is it just the color of the laser that is of importance? Well, it’s more than that.

Digital cameras have CMOS sensors, which are twice as sensitive when it comes to the green spectrum as compared to red. So, when using green laser, you can scan a wider array of products or items, even when you’re using the device outdoors.

But if you know you’re tech, then you would know that using green laser costs three times as much as using red ones. This is why consumer-based products use red laser as it is more cost efficient, albeit less effective. But when the smartphone will be doing all the heavy lifting for the scanner, then the device will cost less since the cost of the technology is focused on where it matters, ergo, the laser (and also the algorithms for the app).

This 3D scanner also comes with an option wireless turntable that connect via Bluetooth. After all, scanning objects then turning them around manually can get undesirable results (especially if you plan to turn your subject by hand).

The Eora 3D is pretty easy to use; just fire up the app and press the text that says “SCAN.” Afterwards, the device will handle the rest. After scanning, you can then view or edit the 3D images. You can even immediately share the image to your social media accounts.


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