Dragon Anywhere Review – Meet Siri’s More Powerful Rival

There is such an ominous tone wherever you name an AI such as Dragon Anywhere, but dragons are known to be fierce and powerful creatures, which is perhaps why the makers of this artificial intelligence chose such a name for it. While Apple’s Siri is primarily used across the iOS, albeit for short bursts at best (and it times out after 40-seconds of being idle), its rival delivers a more powerful dictation that is complete with voice commands.

Dragon Anywhere Review - Meet Siri's More Powerful Rival

Dragon Anywhere Offers a Great Experience and a More Powerful One at That

Nuance Communications is the makers of Dragon Anywhere and they are also known for other dictation software. With this new program, they attempt to solve a number of problems and limitations that Siri might have found it too tough to handle. It is a multi-platform mobile dictation application that can be used for iOS and Android devices. However, it is not for free as the subscription starts at $15-per-month. The rate goes down slightly should you wish to pay for a quarterly or annual subscription. But once you do subscribe to the service, you are able to log in with the free application and command the AI to access its many offerings.

The Dragon Anywhere App  aims to solve the many shortcomings of Siri. With it, users are able to dictate for long stretches of time without worry of the program shutting itself down when it is idle. To use it, just press the app’s large green button then you can start dictating it without it quitting on you while you’re in mid sentence. However, it does turn off its microphone if you are silent for 20-seconds, which many would think that it is still too short of a delay. However, as long as you’re talking, it will keep transcribing.

Ultimately, Dragon Anywhere does a lot better job when it comes dictation than Siri could ever do, well, at the time of writing anyway. Who knows what Apple will do with their own AI in the future; however, when it comes to dictation, this more powerful program is the way to go. Dragon Anywhere is able to get more words right and there are also fewer corrections required. When corrections are needed to be made, you can just use your voice to select the words, or groups of words, then dictate over the top of them without even you laying a finger on your mobile device. Siri’s dictation simply is not on par with this program.


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