Doom – The End is Nigh and There are Reasons to be Excited

It has been quite some time since the last Doom game was released, and it is back; and boy, is it back. It should already be a given that the franchise greatly contributed to the modern first-person shooter (FPS) style of gaming, which is a videogame genre that has dominated the industry for about a decade already. Therefore, it is only right that this highly-anticipated title makes a triumphant return.

Doom – The End is Nigh and There are Reasons to be Excited

Doom Makes a Triumphant Return

Doom, even when it had those pixilated graphics, did have large levels wherein players would have to rely a lot on their shooting skills in order to survive and make their way onto the next stage. For many, the title will always have a special place in their hearts (and in their computer hard drives). In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider picking up the new installment to the franchise.

But before that, let’s go back a bit into memory lane as we explore some things about the game; more specifically that of Doom 3. Back when the third installment was released, it gave supreme emphasis on survival-horror that it somehow made it feel to be completely different from the rest of the games within the series. With this 2016 release, it brings us back to the basics as there are large and intricately designed levels that are literally filled with hundreds of monsters to kill in just about every direction you point your gun at.

Despite this reboot is a current-generation title, it is still designed to appeal to many modern audiences while retaining that classic feel of the series (excluding the 3rd installment). Just about everything from the enemies to the armaments to the design of each level are meant to give players from all generations a similar feeling from playing the classic titles in the franchise.

Moving along, what’s a Doom game without hidden things in each level? That’s right – in this 2016 reboot, there are hidden things to search for throughout each level. These could range from plain Easter Eggs (that does absolutely nothing but are just there for the sheer enjoyment for the player), to hidden passages that will contain extra ammo (just when you need it the most), or secret weapons to help fend of baddies with an even more powerful type of gunfire. All of these could only result in a mixture of pure brutal and gory fun that many fans of the FPS genre will know and love.


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