DJI Phantom 3 Product Review

DJI Phantom 3 Product Review

There are already a lot of drones available today. Drones are making waves and one of the many drones buzzing overhead is the DJI Phantom.

Consumers are definitely fascinated with the remote-controlled quadcopters that is why its popularity is unstoppable. To address consumers fascination and more demand the DJI’s Phantom series of drones is one of the answers.

Along with drones popularity is also Phantom’s increasing demand. There is a greater chance that if you meet a drone pilot he’s probably flying a Phantom.



Apart from the fact that a Phantom is a cost effective drone, it is also easy to operate and use. And there is more, the cameras which are attached to the drone produce not just excellent images but videos as well.


The latest model which was launched recently is called the Phantom 3. The new drone is boosted and equipped the aforementioned strengths of the Phantom drones.

In terms of externals, there is no huge obvious difference between the Phantom 2 and the Phantom 3. However, the huge difference is with the new model’s update. And it is not just a minor update, since it is a major update that prepares the latest model for the mainstream.



There is a version called Phantom 3 Professional which capabilities includes producing a 4K video while the other version is called Phantom 3 Advanced. The latter can only deliver a 1080p video. Aside from that everything is the same.


  • The former which is the Phantom 3 Professional can record a 4K video at either 23, 24 or 30 frames per second, that makes it imposible to take advantage of using a GoPro.Another new feature is that it can stream 720p video direct to YouTube, this can prove to be useful specialy to news reporters in terms of news broadcast.
  • Editing consumes a lot of time, since the camera of this latest model no longer uses a fisheye lens, this could only mean one thing; there will only be less editing required to live streaming video.
  • More improvement includes the range. That means that even a mile away from the actual scene journalist covering an event or even rescue team can comfortably fly. Thus and so reports can be delivered clearly, accurately and precisely.
  • It takes less time to set up the Phantom 3 in the air. For the drone to provide the precise information the drone’s compass should be calibrated.



Flight stabilization boosted – the most important feature of this latest model. Like any other things in this life practice makes perfect and flying drones are no exemption. Before you get good you need tons of practice.

Practice entails time. However, with the Phantom 3 learning process does not requires you a lot of your precious time. How and why? Flying the Phantom 3 is relatively easy because of the increased power and more precise control. Aside from that the HD live feed provided clear and accurate image so you can easily figure out where you exactly at.

On the other hand, however, Phantom 3 is not yet perfect. Despite the improved flight stabilization flying indoors in cramped quarters is still difficult this means that if you are flying it within a small space there is a great tendency that it will hit the wall and crash. But flying it in an open space would prove otherwise.


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