Destinations on Google – The Search Engine Now Wants to be Your Travel Agent

The search engine giant just launched a new feature called Destinations on Google, and the company may have hoped that you will never have to use another travel search engine aside from theirs ever again. So how does it work? It works like this – just type the word “destination” or “vacation” after a place. It could be a continent, state, country, or other locations when you visit Google using your phone. The search engine will then show you multiple options for you to visit to assist you in summarizing your hotel and flight prices.

Destinations on Google - The Search Engine Now Wants to be Your Travel Agent

Destinations on Google Will be Your New Travel Agent

While using Destinations on Google, you are able to look at price trends over time, change travel dates, or even tell the search engine to customize search results further for a more specific answer. Customizing the results can be based on budget, the group size of the people who will be travelling, or other travel preferences.

However, it may still be too early to let Google handle all of your travel needs and wants at this time. Even though the search engine is still the go-to place for various information for practically any kind of subject known to humanity, there are still many who would prefer a more seasoned approach to assisting them with regards to travel plans.

Using Destinations is convenient, but not to the extent that you would let it handle absolutely everything about your travel plans. For now, you may still the guidance of a professional travel agent, or a company that gives a more personal approach. Google may be giving you advice on where to go but there are more specialized sites around the World Wide Web for booking flights, tours, and hotels. For example, there’s Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Kayak.

Still, this might be the start of something more expansive. Who knows, maybe Google wants to change these habits by continuously working on this feature, especially for people who are constantly on-the-go and always on their phones.

It has been known that the company known for their search engine has been slowly trying to synthesize data found on airfare and hotel for the past few years, and Destinations on Google might be part of the result. These efforts span at least from 2011 just when Google had unveiled Google Flights to the world. Furthermore, just last year, the firm had boosted its hotel search function to let advertisers place more information regarding listings and reserving rooms for guests just within a search result.


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