Dark Souls III Will Be Release To PC In 2016

Dark Souls III Will Be Release To PC In 2016

Brace yourself as the Dark Souls III will be available not just with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, but also to PC platforms in 2016. It is a dark fantasy seiries by FromSoftware. To add greater anticipation the Dark Souls III for PC version has a venomously grim world and a map which is highly detailed and interconnected. What’s more? There are new weapons and an expanded abilities.

To understand more the Dark Souls III, FromSoftware president and director Hidetaka Miyazaki provided a demo at E3 which covers the similarities as well as differences of the latest games compared to the previous games.



The game is all about the world that is dying that includes, nature, mega structures ruined, the sky and the sun faded. The plot of the story revolves around the Lord of Cinder. If you are a fan of the first Dark Souls game you might remember that Lord of Cinder was a primary character.

You are familiar with the old game but the new game is far different from the old one. The Dark Souls III is more about apocalypse. There is a dark hero that wanted to vanish the follower of the Lord of Cinder. It is where the game conflict rises.

To further understand the adage and the history, there are Epitaphs written on gravestones, the gamer should find the hidden graves to unlock the mystery and connect the puzzle of information together.



What does this new Dark Souls III features? It has an improve combat. To perform a special attack while two-handing your weapon, there is a unique stance can be used.

For instance, you enter a high-guard stance and perform a powerful lunging attack while holding the straight sword. Be aware that the straight sword has a special attack which breaks a target’s guard, which can be used for shield-happy enemies. Also there are two special stances for each weapon, which can be used either to light or heavy attacks. You can precisely attack through curve slashes when you are one-handing the scimitar. While you can dual-wield the swords in a flurry of attacks when you are two-handing it.

For now, there is no detailed information provided if what will be the the special attacks for dual scimitars. However, the attacks of scimitars covers a wide area around a gamer’s character thus and so the scimitars is an important tool that will help you the gamer control the crowd.

Compared to the earlier version of the Dark Souls games, the bow-use animations are more fluid on the new Dark Souls. With the new Dark Souls game the arrows fire are speedy and this means that you can also shoot it faster to deter the enemies.

The aim of FromSoftware is for this game to be a six-player simultaneous action. Yet no final word for that had been released. There should also be Magic which will appear in the game upon release though the Demo doesn’t feature magic.



Designed to work like it did in Demon’s the backstab critical attack system is making a comeback in Dark Souls III. The hailed backstab attack a target’s back. Another, thing which is making a comeback is Parrying which is now faster and looks beeter than previous versions deflects an incoming blow and leaves the attacking enemy open to a riposte. Fast character movement is also another thing that can be expected with the Dark Souls III.

The Dark Souls III which is set to be release in 2016 is one of the most promising games. The title alone is appealing what more if you start playing the game.


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