Dark Souls – Alternative Games Just Like the Brooding RPG

For those of you who don’t know, Dark Souls is actually the spiritual successor to another title known as Demon’s Souls, and that title is the spiritual successor to the King’s Field franchise. It too has its own spiritual successor by the game we now call as Bloodborne. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a game muck like it, then there is a whole bunch of the them that are made by the same developer and also deliver a similar gaming experience. Each of the alternative titles has its own tweaks and changes to make for a more unique playstyle.

Dark Souls - Alternative Games Just Like the Brooding RPG

In the Market for a Dark Souls Alternative?

But before anything else, those who don’t know much about Dark Souls should know that this is an amazing game. It is a very difficult one, but amazing nonetheless. It is so difficult that it has been branded as one of the most unforgiving titles to grace the modern videogame industry. At its core, it is a third-person action RPG that is nothing like the playful style of Nintendo’s Zelda titles. You will do a whole lot of exploring, leveling your character, loot corpses, and kill more enemies. So far, so good, right? However, even though your weapons may be strong, your opponents can say the same for their arsenal as well. One hit from a low level enemy, no matter what level you are, can be fatal. Therefore, this game requires more skill than just having a higher level.

But without further ado, let’s get on with the list of alternatives for Dark Souls. To start, there’s The Witcher III – it is the last in CD Projekt Red’s Witcher series, It is also quite possibly the best one from the franchise. Why is it so good? For one, the developers were able to remove all almost all of the issues that the 2nd installment of the game had. What is left is an open world that is for you to explore. However, there are some visual glitches here and there.

As mentioned earlier, there’s Demon’s Souls, and even Bloodborne. For the latter, it was the game that started it all, well, in the west at least. It wasn’t even going to be released in NA at all and it was supposed to be a Japan-only exclusive. However, strong import sales have brought the title into the west.

Bloodborne is also a good alternative title to Dark Souls and it is also another exclusive, but this time for the PlayStation 4. It is developed by the team that also created Demon’s Souls along with the first title of the Dark Souls franchise. It brings the same attention to detail that the two games had, which the 2nd installment lacked. It is still very unforgiving in terms of difficulty, but it is still great fun nonetheless.


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