Creative Draco HS880 Review – A Budget-Friendly Gaming Headset That Can Perform Well

The Creative Draco HS880 is another entry for the low-cost headset market. It is a wired headset that will include most features that gamers require. It is solidly built with a lightweight construction. It also has a detachable boom-style microphone. Speaking of the microphone, it has active noise cancellation technology so that other players hearing you will only hear the sound of your voice and not the party going on in the background.

Creative Draco HS880 Review - A Budget-Friendly Gaming Headset That Can Perform Well

The Creative Draco HS880 Sounds Good and Won’t Break the Bank

If you are looking for a headset that has a design that is on par with gaming headset’s all over the world, then the Creative Draco HS880 might automatically fail your tastes. The packaging is heavily dominated by a giant red snake, which actually blocks the view of the actual product inside. However, the box would be the only real reason why you should look away at the device from the start. Inside is a device that is actually well made, especially when you take a look at its price.

The Draco HS880 is made with cheap-feeling, but sturdy plastic. It is creaky in some areas but it is robustly made. It can stand up to damage such as throwing a fit because you lost a match then flinging the headset across the room onto your bed.

Perhaps the most luxurious of its design features is the leather padding found around the ears and across the headband. This makes long gaming sessions especially comfortable. For those who use the HS880 during working hours to listen to good music while getting deadlines done, then you can wear it the entire day without worry of fatigue.

The HS880 headset delivers some audio options. It can play stereo audio, and that’s pretty much it. The audio quality is somewhat lacking if you’re used to higher-end sound listening devices. However, if you place this headset in the right price range, then you get a favorable audio listening experience.

The bass experience comes in to be more favorable than the treble. High-action games, such as Call of Duty, will let gamers know the impact of each explosion but you may not be able to pinpoint where the grenade had landed accurately.

The Creative Draco HS880 is a budget headset, but it performs really well for its price. It has an excellent boom mic and the device itself is stylishly made with sturdy (albeit cheap-feeling) material.


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