Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker Review – One of the Most Expensive Modern Teapots Out There

In a time wherein dozens, hundreds, if not maybe even thousands of teapots all over the world are vying for being the connected type, the Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker strays away from that competition by providing practically nothing of that sort except for users to create and enjoy tea. But even though there are no connected features in this device, it doesn’t mean that it is not fit for the modern age. It is a high-tech teapot that heats and steeps any kind of tea in a single container. Instead of teabags or kettles, or dunking or stirring, this unit will stir the tea as it heats and brews. This ensures that the flavor is consistent and the heat is well-distributed throughout the entire beverage.

Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker Review - One of the Most Expensive Modern Teapots Out There

The Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker Provides Consistent Flavor

For its design, the Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker looks more like a blender rather than a device for making tea. It has a pitcher-shaped stainless steel teapot that sits on a tall white-and-green plastic base. Speaking of the base, it is deeply recessed. This prevents the pitcher from being easily dislodged whenever it is in use. There is also a small monochrome LCD that sits comfortably at the front of the base. The LCD is accompanied with a Power button, along with the Left, Right, and Select buttons.

The teapot is designed to fit snugly in its base. It has a large, green plastic handle and a lid that flips out. Its handle is large enough to provide a decent amount of clearance so that you don’t get your hand burnt. For its lid, it even has a safety release button to prevent it from accidentally flipping open. The lid can also be removed should you want to wash the different parts of the pot separately.

Inside the Craftea Ultimate, there is a plastic-and-wire mesh filter that is found just behind the angled spout in front. The filter does its job pretty well, and by job it means that it can stop most loose teas from getting into your cup when you pour using the pot. The filter, along with other parts of the pot, are can easily be cleaned with a thorough rinse.

One of the biggest benefits of using this tea-making machine is using it to make chai. Doing so will create a blend that is thoroughly mixed and well-brewed. The flavor will be fully infused throughout the liquid.

When you have the Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker, then know that the you have one very clever teapot. Even though it does lack connected features, it still delivers plenty when it comes to giving you flavorful tea blends. But should you want to get this unit, make sure to prepare a hefty amount of cash to acquire this teapot.


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