Cougar 700M Review – Keeping up With the Trend in Adjustability

The Cougar 700M continues the trend in recent gaming mice that aims to provide the perfect fit for everyone. This is allowable thanks to its movable panels. However, it doesn’t quite offer the same number of adjustable parts as compared to some of its competitors. However, it does have a replaceable heel, and it also comes with a weights system which immediately sets it apart from your basic computer mouse.

Cougar 700M Review - Keeping up With the Trend in Adjustability

Is the Cougar 700M Worthwhile to Get?

Similar to the Zalman ZM-GM4 or the Mad Catz Rat 7, the Cougar 700M has an exoskeleton design going on about it. While there are many computer mice, especially the traditional ones, opt for smooth, unbroken surfaces, this one is disjointed. It is as if a regular mouse has exploded and kind of got stuck midway through the explosion. Extreme descriptions aside, it certainly gets points for keeping up with the looks of the typical gamer peripheral theme. Therefore, it will definitely fit right into your gaming rig.

If you want your gaming devices to have a lot of lights, then the 700M will please you, well at least for a bit. While there are other computer gaming mice that are literally festered with LEDs, this one has a more modest approach. There is an LED that sits down below the scroll wheel which will project light straight through the gap. Those that do not want the default color can customize it with an accompanying program to let it shine with one of millions of colors.

In terms of ergonomics, this particular gaming mouse will fit right into your palm. It is relatively light weight, and that aspect is combined with enough glide pads to make for a smoother overall mouse action. However, it is not the perfect gaming mouse in the market.

There is a lack of a chamfer at the bottom edges. This means that the mouse can sometimes dig in a little on the surface of your mousepad, especially if said pad is soft. This will become more apparent if you’re moving around quickly, which can sometimes hinder better gameplay during intensive fights.

The overall grip won’t also please everyone, especially when talking about the area where your thumb will go. There’s not enough of an overhang at the top to prevent the finger from accidentally sliding into one of the buttons near it.

Like other high-end gaming mice in the market, the Cougar 700M has internals that reads like it is taken from a smartphone. It includes a 32-bit ARM processor that has a 512K of on-board memory. It also has an 8200DPI ADNS-9800 laser sensor. Therefore, even though there are some complaints here and there, this is still a solid choice if you’re in the market for a top-end computer gaming peripheral.


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