Copystars DVD-Duplicator 24X CD-DVD-Burner Review : The Professional Copiers Best Friend

The Copystars DVD-Duplicator 24X CD-DVD-Burner is a fully stand-alone computer, which means that no computer is required for users to start burning CDs. Also, no burning software is required. It is the ideal performer for the professional copier. It has a high performance level that outshines many in its class. It pushes the boundaries of being a reliable device, and then pushes it some more. The CD copying machine is equipped with a 128MB fast DDR2 memory buffered controller. It also has many functions that can even appease those advanced copiers. The firmware is upgradable for better performance. It is made with a very durable industry-grade material, so users are able to copy files again and again for a very long time. Included in the package is a customized power supply which is designed for those heavy duty copying tasks.

Copystars DVD-Duplicator 24X CD-DVD-Burner Review : The Professional Copiers Best Friend

Use the Copystars DVD-Duplicator 24X CD-DVD-Burner for All of Your Data Duplication Needs

The Copystars DVD-Duplicator 24X CD-DVD-Burner has an external USB connection which can be toggled via a switch located at the device’s rear panel. Once the switch has been flipped, the first duplicator will then become the PC external burner. Sadly, there is no USB cable included in the package so customers are advised to purchase one to make this feature function.

This Copystars Duplicator can support many media formats. These include CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and DVD+/-R Dual Layer blank media standards. It has an intelligent architecture and design which will let it automatically know which type of disc format is inserted. The control panel situated at the front is stylish, and the controls use the familiar “ESC” and “ENT” buttons for easier navigation.

There is also a password protection feature which safeguards the device from any unauthorized access. The device also allows editing of the names of images and hard drive partitions. Other than that, the intelligence management system of hard drive partitions will create the said partitions in accordance to image file sizes. Hence, it will not create the partition using a fixed size to maximize every bit of space allocated in the hard drive.

One of the great things about the Copystars DVD-Duplicator 24X CD-DVD-Burner is that it will test for bad media files first before it initiates the duplication process. This secures the other copies before the copying process even starts. Hence, you won’t waste any CDs or DVDs because of bad media files being copied right off the bat.

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