City Ergonomics DXT Wireless Mouse 2 Review – Tries, But Fails to be an Ergonomic Masterpiece

The City Ergonomics DXT Wireless Mouse 2 redefines the traditional computer mouse shape as it attempts to provide healthier ergonomics for ease of use. It has an ambidextrous, wireless design. However, this vertical “mouse” ultimately fails to provide a more comfortable version of the conventional computer mouse. It can help relieve aches and pains to a degree but this is only true for those who are suffering from specific injuries in their arms or hands. It does claim to theoretically prevent aches and pains in the future. But for the most part, it is uncomfortable to deal with.

City Ergonomics DXT Wireless Mouse 2 Review - Tries, But Fails to be an Ergonomic Masterpiece

The City Ergonomics DXT Wireless Mouse 2 Falls Short in Comfort

For its dimensions, the City Ergonomics DXT Wireless Mouse 2 measures in at 3.2 x 2.2 x 1.8-inches. It weighs 3.17-ounces and it is visibly taller than its width or length. It is made out of gray plastic with a shinier silver color used for its buttons. It is meant to be held like a pen or a pencil. Your index and middle fingers will be placed on the left and right-click buttons respectively. The side of your hand will be placed on the desk or whatever surface your computer is on. Its front face, which will point away from you when you’re using the computer peripheral, holds the main mouse buttons. It is curved backwards to create an indentation for your thumb on the back side.

One good thing to note about the DXT Wireless Mouse 2 is that it is ambidextrous. The shape is symmetrical so lefties and righties can just flip it around to change its orientation. For ease-of-use, there is a button just below the thumb rest found on its back to change the sensor input from left to right, or vice versa. To make things even simpler, there is an LED with an engraved L and R to know which orientation you’re using.

Even though it ultimately fails in the subject of comfort, it does have real positives. For instance, it prevents the unnatural twisting of the arm. However, all of its positives do not outweigh the fact that it is, again, uncomfortable to use. For those who are interested in using this mouse full-time, then do know there is a definite adjustment period. Using the mouse normally will come over time, but your hand will never feel at rest.

The City Ergonomics DXT Wireless Mouse 2 also has a smaller footprint so it does pose a lot of problems for larger hands. After a few hours of use, you will be left with a tired hand. Give it a chance to change what you think about it and it won’t convince you much.


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