ChatSim Unlimited Review – A Lot of Potential But Still Falls Short With Regards to App Support

What is ChatSim Unlimited? It is a global roaming SIM card that has quite the unbeatable price tag. The SIM card itself has a cost all on its own and there is an additional charge per year to use the unlimited message service throughout an array of messaging and chat apps. That per annum cost will definitely be very easy for your pocket so there is absolutely no worry about breaking the bank. While it does have a lot of potential, perhaps the only dire caveat that can be stated here is that it lacks optimal app support.

ChatSim Unlimited Review - A Lot of Potential But Still Falls Short With Regards to App Support

ChatSim Unlimited Would be Great if it Was Support by More Apps

ChatSim Unlimited work in 150 countries around the globe. It would be able to technically give you a number while you’re on the British island of Jersey, but one other sad fact here is that nobody can call it. Jersey Telecom, the carrier of this roaming SIM card, has some things on offer for other global SIM solutions such as Telestial Passport and Contiki eKit.

Once you insert ChatSim into your mobile device (just make sure that the gadget is unlocked otherwise it won’t work), you would then have to manually set the phone’s data APN to that of the SIM service’s settings. Furthermore, you would have to turn off background data and automatic app updates found in your handset’s settings screen. If you don’t do these, don’t be surprised if you will find that your SIM card ends up being “blocked,” which would then require you to log into the SIM service’s website while on a Wi-Fi connection to unlock it once more. As long as you follow the instructions on how to use it properly, you won’t encounter such a problem.

As promised by the service, you would be able to read and send messages using an array of chat and messaging apps which include WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, the SIM service is that of purely for chatting and messaging. Therefore, you cannot receive or take calls with it, even with the messaging apps. So if you’re planning on calling someone from Facebook Messenger, you’d be better off connecting to a Wi-Fi Hotspot instead.

While ChatSim Unlimited has a lot of potential, its list of supported messengers does not match up well as to how Americans send their messages, which is primarily through text. As per eMarketer, there are only 44-percent of people in North America who are also mobile users that do not use any chat applications at all. Furthermore, the app support is still limited to the likes of BBM, Hike, Kakao Talk, QQ, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Imo, LINE, and Telegram. It does not support other apps such as iMessage, Yahoo, Twitter DMs, Snapchat, or Skype.


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