BloomSky Plus: BloomSky’s Latest Smart Weather Station

bloomsky-sensoren For accurate hyperlocal weather detection and news on when to wear leather, technology doesn’t get better than BloomSky Plus.

This gadget is basically your eye in the sky sort of thing only that it is on the ground.

Okay, let us slow down a bit, forgive me but it is quite exciting to be a meteorologist.

I guess what they say is true that with technology you can be anything you want to be.

What is BloomSky Plus?

BloomSky Plus is the latest all-in-one weather station from the weather-centric start up BloomSky that promises (and does deliver on the promise) to track your entire hyperlocal climate and deliver the information right to your computer or cell phone.

The BloomSky Plus package has two new gadgets, the Storm and Sky 2. With these, you officially become the meteorologist at large since you can accurately monitor local weather conditions.

The solar powered unit is full of tech including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that relays the collected information to a home network, a cloud-based server and finally a companion mobile application.

The BloomSky 2.0

bloomsky primaryAt the pinnacle of the BloomSky Plus bundle is the Sky 2.0, a cute blob that houses a camera system and an array of sensors measuring everything weather including atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

There is also a series of moisture sensors that detect rainfall signs and events as they occur.

If you are a fan of the original BloomSky, then you are in familiar territory here, only that there are notable upgrades that differentiate the Sky from the Sky 2.

The upgrades and add-ons include a Bluetooth LTE radio that is designed to make use of smartphones and tablets to enable the initial setup and configuration of the station with lesser hitches.

The 1920×1072 megapixel HD camera on the BloomSky 2.0 snaps still images of the sky every two to three minutes and strings them together into short clips for you to watch.

The Storm Device

The Storm is even the most interesting part of the BloomSky Plus package. The Storm has an anemometer tucked inside for measuring wind velocity.

As though that wasn’t enough, the geeks at BloomSky still threw in a weather vane to help you determine the direction of the wind with an eight point compass accuracy.

More to that, there is a rain collector that helps you assess rainfall increments of up to 0.2mm before tipping to empty.

Finally, a UV light sensor helps you record sunshine intensity and other solar related information.


As earlier mentioned, the unit is solar powered (and there is talk of making it nuclear powered- no am just kidding).

However, without solar power, BloomSky Plus boasts a 3.7 volt (500-mAh) battery that can be rechargeable. The battery can last up to one week when fully charged.

More Techs

This is no ordinary weather station, within some minutes of getting notification of impending rainfall via both my iOS and Android devices, it was patter on my window.

The manufacturer pledges to ensure that the BloomSky Plus package supports the FTTT integration which enhances seamless connectivity between devices that haven’t been designed to work together.

There are plans by BloomSky to ensure that the BloomSky Bundle is integrated with other smart-home platforms like SmartThings and Nest.

Release Date and Price

The BloomSky Plus package is scheduled for release on July 19th, 2016. The earliest storm BloomSky Plus Bundle will start at $249.


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