BeOn Starter Pack Review – Getting Peace of Mind at a High Price

The pitch for the BeOn Starter Pack is “a smarter smart bulb.” Each of the bulbs in the package will feature a yellow module. Said module will fit right into the center of the bulb. It will also include a battery backup that will let the lights shine, even without power. It also has a microphone that will be able to listen to the doorbell or the home’s burglar alarm. A Bluetooth radio is also installed within the device that will allow syncing with your smartphone.

BeOn Starter Pack Review - Getting Peace of Mind at a High Price

The BeOn Starter Pack is Your Smarter Smart Bulb

There is no programming need for the bulbs found in the BeOn Starter Pack. It will be able to learn your usage patterns, as it can adjust to lighting conditions with frequent use. The bulbs will automatically “replay” your typical lighting changes to give the idea that you are at home, even when you’re not.

For the BeOn Smart Bulbs, the pitch is indeed an intriguing one. The pitch focuses on security as well as for its built-in batteries. For the latter, it will keep your automations for the devices working even when things are switched off, or if there is even a power outage in your area. This will give you freedom to use your lights like you normally would, even without the power. With this feature, it gives the bulbs a stronger selling point than traditional smart bulbs.

With a great feature also comes at a great price; and with these smarter smart bulbs, the price tag is no joke. Furthermore, even though it is branded as such, these bulbs have a surprising limited array of automation options. For instance, you can sync them with your doorbell or with your alarm system, but you cannot program a timed schedule of your own, nor can you integrate them with a larger smart home hub. Many would feel like these are just a smarter version of a battery-powered light bulb. Hence, it may be a wonder as to why the high price tag was placed there in the first place.

Still, even with these flaws, the BeOn Bulbs are still, essentially, smart security gadgets which are just disguised as light bulbs. Almost every other feature that it has is geared towards the premise of letting homeowners have better peace of mind at home.

For the BeOn Starter Pack, there is an appealing set of functionality that will surpass what you can get from most of its competitors in the smart bulb market. However, the BeOn Bulbs falls short on some features, even the most looked at on/off scheduling functionality. Furthermore, that high price may let interested people to look away instead of buying the bulbs.


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