BenQ SU964 Review – Excellent Projections, at a Steep Price

If you are in need of a projector that you can easily show detailed images to a large crowd or event hall, then the BenQ SU964 should be a great candidate on your list. So why should it be part of your list? It has a 1,920 x 1,200 pixel native resolution with a 6,500 Lumen brightness rating. What does this mean? It means that you can get crystal clear images even under a bright light.

BenQ SU964 Review - Excellent Projections, at a Steep Price

The BenQ SU964 is a Light Cannon

Aside from its brightness and quality pixel resolution, the BenQ SU964 offers dual lamps. Hence, if one lamp dies out on you, it can still go on with the presentation, albeit with a dimmer image. However, all of this “heft” in its hardware does not come cheap. Hence, herein lies the problem as not everyone can easily get this great projector.

The SU964 projector is akin to that of a “light cannon,” in which its 6,500 Lumen brightness rating is so bright that you can even view the images and footage being displayed under the direct light of the sun. However, there are other, less costly versions available in the market that can offer smaller (but still close to) Lumen brightness rating. Therefore, it will give you a choice – do you really need to purchase a projector that is so bright?

Still, it’s not just about the excellent brightness that can be taken note here. The projector also does well when it comes to showing off color quality. It shows almost no rainbow artifacts with static data images. Perhaps the only time that you can see rainbow artifacts is to have a test image that will force it out. Other than that, it’s all about great picture quality.

Another advantage about using this projector is that it supports 3D, however this is a standard feature for DLP models (but not readily available on most LCD data projectors in the market).

While still on the image quality, the SU964 is able to bring in excellent color balance as it has suitably neutral grays at all levels from blacks to whites, and in all modes presented. The colors are nicely saturated, which means the colors are not overbearing nor are they ridiculously flat.

The BenQ SU964 is worth considering if you are really in need of a high resolution with high brightness projector to beam images for a large room (or outdoors). Other than that, you may want to tone down the expenses a little by getting other projectors with competitive specs that are placed at a lower price range.


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