BenQ HT3050 Review – A Step Above From the Least-Expensive 3D Home Projector

With the BenQ HT3050, you get more capabilities and functionalities at a higher price. However, the boost in price point is still at a reasonable level as it is still considered one of the least expensive 3D home projectors in the market. Notable features include a small vertical lens shift, a predefined Rec. 709 mode, and a better sound system than most home-entertainment projector in any price class. However, the HT3050 is very sensitive to rainbow artifacts but this is still worth some serious consideration for your next purchase.

BenQ HT3050 Review - A Step Above From the Least-Expensive 3D Home Projector

The BenQ HT3050 May Have its Own Set of Flaws, But it is Still a Great Buy

The BenQ HT3050 is one of the three related projector models that comes from the same brand. There is also a variant that is less-expensive than the HT3050 and a pricier model. Unsurprisingly, these models are very similar with one another, superficially to say the least.

Surprisingly, however, the BenQ HT3050 projector has one feature that the HT2050 nor the HT4050 do not have – the stereo sound system. The other two models only cater for mono sound whereas the HT3050 has two speakers rather than one. Therefore, this leaves the HT3050 a step above its closest relatives.

A key difference out of all these BenQ projector models is that they are built around a single DLP chip rather than three LCDs. Other projectors from different manufacturers, such as projectors from Epson, has a their three-chip design. With the three-chip design, rainbow artifacts are less occurring, and sometimes not at all. With BenQ’s single chip DLP projectors, rainbow artifacts can occur quite a bit but it’s not that noticeable. Therefore, sales of the HT3050 may rely on individuals who may or may not find these artifacts bothersome.

For its image quality, the HT3050 can deliver excellent 2D images. Color balance is equally excellent within tests with regards to all predefined modes. There is a suitable level of neutral grays from all levels of black to white. Color quality is varying from good to excellent and this property depends on the selected predefined mode. It also does a pretty good job in handling skin tones and shadow detail.

For people who do not find rainbow artifacts to be that much of a bother, then consider the BenQ HT3050. It has many features to like about, which includes the stereo speaker system. Above all, it has excellent image performance for both 2D and 3D.


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