BenQ BL2205PT Review – Your Basic Business Monitor

If you’re looking for a new monitor to place in your office, then perhaps you might want to check out the BenQ BL2205PT. It is a basic business monitor that offers a bit of versatility. It has a fully adjustable stand which enables the display to be flipped vertically or it can be held in a positing that is optimal for viewing. Therefore, it can be used for people in the design industry to show off their works better when portrait-mode is needed for the monitor.

BenQ BL2205PT Review - Your Basic Business Monitor

The BenQ BL2205PT Brings a Bit of Versatility Into the Mix

Other than the fact that the BenQ BL2205PT has a fully adjustable stand, it is your barebones LCD panel. It is not a VA or IPS type, therefore image quality will be at best when handling office tasks rather than image editing and other types of work within the design area. With a very decent price tag, it may very well be the most ideal office monitor (in terms of price, anyway).

As such, the BenQ BL2205PT Monitor has a very utilitarian design. It is made with an all-black look which is very standard, It has a slightly rough matte-black plastic throughout the entire unit. It has very little to offer in terms of design flair.

Still, its design works well enough as it is not too distracting, which is again perfect for office use. It is designed in a way that it should be ordered in bulk. As such, it may become the ideal choice for those who are putting up new offices or business establishments.

Just like how it was made to be, the BL2205PT offers 1,920 x 1,080 resolution for a 22-inch LCD panel. It is a good combination of screen-size and resolution, which makes it highly practical for your day-to-day office use.

As far as connectivity goes, it should suffice for most corporate uses. There is one of each of DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort 1.2. There is no HDMI port here which is somewhat a hit-or-miss. There may be those that may need the HDMI connection for their offices, while others may pay no heed for it.

But as far as image quality goes, it’s not the best one you can get, even for a monitor that’s made for corporate use. Simply put, costs have been cut down in more areas than one. Maximum color and temperature is a bit off, even when you adjust the RGB levels it still won’t do much justice.

While ideal for general office environments, the BenQ BL2205PT won’t serve much in other areas except for creating documents, making corporate presentations, or some mild surfing over the Internet. If you want a monitor for image editing, then you’re better off by paying much more for a better panel.


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