Beneath The Lighthouse Review – It Does Well With Stairs

Beneath The Lighthouse, as with other apps made by developer Nitrome, plays with the conventions of mobile gaming as it destroys expectations and assumptions in terms of its looks and playstyle. The title is intuitive which allows newcomers to download and play. But the game itself will provide more than enough challenges that will make completionists aim for those achievements into the wee hours of the morning.

Beneath The Lighthouse Review - It Does Well With Stairs

With Beneath The Lighthouse, Timing is Everything

Beneath The Lighthouse is a straightforward arcade puzzler but do not let that simple description fool you into thinking that the game is easy. The objective is to let a rotund boy roll about the mazes presented in the each level. The mazes are wheel-like enclosures, and as you venture deeper underground, the mazes become more difficult to accomplish. It is vaguely similar to that of many tilt-based smartphone games.

When you start the game, it will present you with some simple puzzles to get you into the feel of what you’re supposed to do. If you think this game is as serene as it gets, then that description will be quickly tossed aside as soon as you get into the later levels.

As for the controls for the Beneath The Lighthouse app, it is brilliant, innovative, quirky, and also frustrating. Rather than tilting your mobile device, or placing your finger on the screen and dragging across the game’s elements, you turn the wheel on the screen as you tilt your device. This will urge the boy to roll.

At first, the controls feel weird but you will get used to it in time. However, as soon as you do get used to the controls, the game decides to throw a number of traps and hazards along your way. Each tiny level will present a number of difficult challenges which you have to figure out how on earth are you going to combine the power of gravity with sheer luck just to get that protagonist to the level’s endpoint.

Even though you’re scratching your head in desperation as to how you’re able to get to the level’s finish line, the you’ll notice the game’s most agonizing feature – the timer. Simply put, you have to reach the end of the stage before the timer runs out, all the while tilting your device and evading the hazards as fast and as accurately as you can.

Those who want to give themselves a great challenge then try out Beneath The Lighthouse. It is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as for Apple TV.


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