Become the Sith Lord of Eating With These Lightsaber Cutlery

If you want to be the  Sith Lord of the dinner table, then why not become one with Lightsaber Cutlery. This is probably the only time when Darth Vader or a member of the Sith will be at your family’s dinner table. But you don’t have to be a REAL Sith Lord to wield these eating utensils. It’s for you to relieve the magic of the Star Wars franchise, even when you are eating mashed potatoes with it.

Become the Sith Lord of Eating With These Lightsaber Cutlery

Pretend to be Sith Lords With Lightsaber Cutlery from Underground Toys

The Lightsaber Cutlery set will include a fork, a spoon, and a knife. Each item in the set is made of stainless steel (for the heads) and a durable plastic material (for the handle). Each item measures about 194-215-millimeters, or about 7.5 to 8.5-inches, in length, and about 16.5-millimeters in width (or just about over half an inch).

There is also a Star Wars Lightsaber Grater (sold separately) if you really want to complete the set. It is also molded after the great Darth Vader’s lightsaber hilt.

Perhaps the only time we see Darth Vader attending to his dinner is during the movie “The Empire Strikes Back.” However, we all know it was quickly ruiined by an angry Wookiee roaring and a Han Solo taking a quick dip in hard carbonite. Now, you can relieve that moment by becoming the infamous Sith Lord eating your dinner, minus the Wookiee and the invading human.

Relive the magic of the Star Wars universe right at your family’s own dining table. Unleash the mighty power of Lord Vader’s lightsaber… on your food. These eating utensils are all molded out of the iconic Star Wars’ character, Darth Vader, and his equally famous lightsaber.

Enjoy eating your food like the master of the Dark Side would. With the lightsaber-inspired spoon, fork, and knife, the fun never stops even at the dining table. Prepare to use the force… on the food you’re about to eat and attack (on the food) with the same resolve as Lord Vader.

Prepare to make those iconic sounds that the lightsaber makes in the Star Wars universe as you strike and eat your food while imagining you are eating them in a table found in the Death Star.

These Lightsaber Cutlery is great fun for everyone and is well-suited for children of all ages. Enjoy great fun as you relive the scenes of the Star Wars universe while eating dinner with your family.


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