Bear Simulator – Developer of Kickstarter Project Retires Game

John Farjay, creator for Bear Simulator, has just recently announced that he is quitting the project due to reported drama within the game’s development. Many who are eagerly anticipating the game had high hopes as the title secured over $100,000 through Kickstarter crowdfunding. Sad to say that gamers all around the globe won’t get their hands on trying to take control of a virtual bear and what it is like to be one, albeit looking through a screen.

Bear Simulator - Developer of Kickstarter Project Retires Game

Bear Simulator Developer Ends Project Due to Reported Drama

According to the description, Bear Simulator will let players be placed into a game while playing in an FPB point-of-view. Yes, FPB stands for First-Person-Bear. Players will do “beary” things, and these include exploring the wild, capturing and eating fish, and taking a gander at plants. There will be some battle aspects within the game as there are some dangers lurking within places that would require you to defend yourself. Oh, and there’s also sleeping.

The game was supposed to originally debut in November 2014, the game was indeed released but it was met with some pretty harsh criticism. Developer Farjay decided to place a thorough end to the entire project as he shared in an update, “Well the game didn’t have a great reception, has a stigma against it’s name and there’s plenty of other problems so making any updates or going further is basically a lost cause now. Plus not skilled enough to make the game better than it currently is or write better updates than previously. Was really hoping the Steam release would go well but why would it, should have just gave the game to backers and not bother with Steam. Also don’t want to deal with the drama anymore. Can’t ignore it because that causes more drama and can’t do anything about it because that causes more drama. It was really fun making the game, trailers, updates, websites, tutorials, blog posts and stuff, hopefully you all liked those things.”

The makers of this bear simulating game also stated that they will launch another game update on the videogame’s Kickstarter page. Farjay asked backers to provide comments on the items that have certain issues so that the developers can fix them accordingly before things go entirely kaput.

Farjay then left the comment section of Bear Simulator over at Kickstarter with a message stating that they must be doing something wrong with regards to PC game developing as they find it too hard to stay happy and productive.


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