Asus Launches A new Affordable Hybrid Chromebook

Asus Launches A new Affordable Hybrid Chromebook

In addition to the vast of Chromebooks available in the market these days Asus launch the Chromebook Flip C100. With so many available devices to choose from the new competitor should not just offer relatively lower price but also offers another edge: good performance.

To make it possible Asus works closely with Google to come up with a Chrome OS hybrid which features combination of both high and low end components. The result of Asus latest endeavor is a machine that allows users to experience premium performance at $249.

The new Asus Chromebook Flip C100 has an impressive exterior. Aside from it has a slender physique the new chromebook is relatively light though it is compact and well built out of an aluminum. Compared to other Chromebooks in the market in the same tier the rivals are built with plastic. If you where to choose will you go for an aluminum or a plastic bodied Chromebook?

What’s more? The new chromebook comes with a 10.1 inch display which is not common to other competitors in the market today. This is a step up feature for the Asus Chromebook Flip C100.

Since this is a hybrid PC this means that it can be used either as a tablet or a laptop the hinge which plays a critical role for the machine is offered in full 360 degree. Therefore if you fold it the device can be a used as a tablet.

However, the device is far from perfect although with this new hybrid there is a feel of premium quality and also responsive in most cases but there are basic function and useful characters that were hard to use because the coating of the glass screen hinders it.



Inside the slender body of the C100 is an ARM-based CPU from Rockchip, a Chinese chip maker. Given that the Chromebook belongs to the affordable tier, Asus move to use the aforementioned processor instead of Intel is a way to cut the cost, thus and so the company can offer the new device with a relatively low price.

The new machine is limited given the fact that it is a Chrome OS device this means that the machine is dependent to the internet. Daily tasks can be completed such as sending and receiving emails with Gmail, not to mention social networking. However, with this type of device traditional software apps such as Photoshops can’t be downloaded since Windows software can’t be downloaded and installed to the machine.

For portable computing the Asus Chromebook Flip C100 is a great deal that offers convenience, performance and with a friendly price tag.

Where to buy Asus Chromebook Flip C100 ? We recommend to buy the product from the link provided bellow.



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