Aside from instant noodles, now we have instant camera.

Aside from instant noodles, now we have instant camera.

How will you actually use this instant camera? Here’s some information about the new toy instant camera, and it is called Lomo’Instant from the company named Lomography.

In quest to provide photo pros better ways to experiment with all kinds of interesting effects, either from double and long exposures or to color filters and extra lens, the company produced the Lomo’Instant the company’s first instant camera.

Get to know the controls of the Lomo’Instant

Basically, the Lomo’Instant comes with four settings: Flash On, Flash Off, or either of those with the long exposure setting turned on, confused? Don’t worry the kit which comes with flashcards as a product manual will guarantee to guide you which setting to adjust to get the desired result.

Basic Controls of this Instant Camera:

1) Load the film

To load the film, just open the back of the Lomo’Instant and simply line up the yellow tab on the back of your film pack with what’s under the camera’s hood. Close it up, and switch on the power button located on the bottom of the camera. Hit the shutter at the top once to release the blank photo and the instant camera is ready to shot.

2) Multiple Exposure Shots

With this instant camera you can also superimpose several images into one single photo,just flip the switch to the MX sign and then the camera will let you take as many exposures in one frame. Ask about the best results? It is between two to three shots.

3) Lens Adjustment

The side level of this camera will let you adjust the lens marginally in and out to focus. Plus it can also get several different color gel strips to place in the flash slot thats if you want to try out different color filters.


4) Bracketing wheel

This wheel lets you set a range of -2 to +2 to add extra light or darkness into each photo.

It takes some time to get used to the controls of this instant camera, but eventually at a point of time you will get used to it and enjoy this new instant camera.


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