Arris SBX-AC1200P SURFboard Wi-Fi Hotspot offers Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi dead zonesIt is common to experience issues with your home Wi-Fi, most specifically, in the dead zones.

In essence, dead zones, are the parts of the house with limited Wi-Fi coverage. They can subject you to strenuous internet or networking experiences even with some of the best high-speed internet modems.

Most often, issues such as buffering when streaming an important video will tend to arise in the dead zones.

However, the Arris SBX-AC1200P SURFboard Wi-Fi Hotspot with RipCurrent technology offers you a revolutionary Wi-Fi system designed to resolve such problems and much more.

An overview of the Arris Surfboard

The Arris SURFboard is an innovative Wi-Fi system that capitalizes on the existing power lines in your house using technology to increase your Wi-Fi network coverage.

Broadly explained, the SURFboard SBX-AC1200P Wi-Fi Network Hotspot makes any power line in your house a RipCurrent network through Technology instantly when connected to a SURFboard RipCurrent Router as well as an Extender.

The Extender is, however, bought separately.

Arris SBX-AC1200P SURFboardThe strength to this SURFboard unlike the previous products that experience constant interference from appliances in your house is the RipCurrent that works to prevent any interference from the household appliances.
This, then, in turn, ensures you are serviced with optimal network performance in the entire house.

The SURFboard is diverse such that it can support both wired and Wi-Fi options meaning you are sure to be covered either way.

It is also easy to install as you only need to add Wi-Fi spots or Extenders to any part of your house with limited coverage once you plug in the SURFboard.

Nonetheless, it is important to be aware that you will need two RipCurrent-enabled devices for this.

What is RipCurrent?

RipCurrent is a technology that is designed to run over the AC power lines that are already in your house via the standard. It works to connect network devices in your household and is also easy to use.

By plugging in two RipCurrent-enabled devices, when you purchase the SURFboard, you will gain access to sufficient network as they will quickly find each other to supply you with enough network coverage.

The technology employed by the RipCurrent that comes with the SURFboard takes the advantage of the wiring already done in your house to connect all the available power outlets forming a network responsible for the efficiency.

Thus, you are saved from all the unnecessary wiring you could have done when using the older generation devices if you have the SURFboard with the RipCurrent technology.

Who is this SURFboard made for?

Arris SBX-AC1200P SURFboard Wi-Fi Network Hotspot just like any other Arris SURFboard is for anybody without any prior knowledge of what a home network is but still wants whole-home network coverage.

With  SURFboard, you do not have to be technology savvy nor do you need to have had professional knowledge of networking in your house to install it.

The Arris SURFboard with its RipCurrent technology is also expandable enough to fit your other preferred needs.

This means that you can also connect your smart TV by simply connecting a SURFboard Wired Network Extender, also with RipCurrent, wherever the smart TV will be, and you will quickly get sufficient Ethernet, much to your comfort.

Also, you can easily plug in the RipCurrent Wi-Fi extender to any other room, just in case it is in use, for coverage.

Why is this SURFboard better than just any other router?

Another great advantage about the Ariss SBX-AC1200P SURFboard Wi-Fi Hotspot is that it is not rigid.

This SURFboard is flexible such that it changes with your needs and grows with your preferences.

This means that if you decide to rearrange your house or move out, this SURFboard will, still, easily fit your new arrangement or move out with you, unlike other routers that would be tedious to deal with on such occasions.

Also, when you add a new entertainment device in your house or move it to another room the SURFboard with its RipCurrent advantage will, again, allow you to extend your network coverage wherever the entertainment device will be.

You will only need to plug in the extender with RipCurrent to any AC outlet close to the TV to have a full network connection.

Hence, with the SURFboard, you will not have to keep configuring your home network to suit any change for you to enjoy sufficient network coverage in your house.

With such exceptional advantages, the Arris SURFboard is a no-brainer since it will offer you the best solution to eliminating dead zones.


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