Ario Lamp – The Smart Lamp to Make Your Day

There is a new product that is making waves over at Kickstarter and that is the Ario Lamp. It has daily light exposure controls that targets an array of areas of concern such as sleep, mood, weight management, immune system, and a person’s overall well-being. You may wonder how light can affect certain things in the mix and not only for light management and sleep. Basically, certain light temperatures does have an effect on our brains to release certain hormones. This will help our biological system by tricking it to help us wake up or fall to sleep. The lamp is aimed to make sleeping habits more normal as compared to using artificial lights that may pose serious problems to our brains by sending misinformation to our body’s sensors.

Ario Lamp - The Smart Lamp to Make Your Day

The Ario Lamp is the Light Solution to Sleep and Overall Well-Being

The Ario Lamp is a the company’s solution to getting better sleep cycles and helping us wake up full of energy in the morning as compared to being cranky and groggy as soon as we get out of bed. This smart lamp is able to learn from our daily schedule using special algorithms, similar to what the Nest Learning Thermostat is able to do.

It uses the information it gathered to light your home in different ways to make your brain work better for the right time. Theoretically speaking, it will improve sleep patterns, as well as give an array of other health benefits as well.

The Ario Smart Lamp will also be able to use geo-location to light up your rooms. This will be in accordance to your local environment. It will not just simply mimic the light outdoors (which other light fixtures are trying to do), but it will supplement said outdoor light.

As for the lamp’s light intensity, it is said to have about three times the brightness of an ordinary 60-watt light bulb. In more technical terms, this would equate up to 2,400 Lumens of brightness. With its higher brightness capacity, along with an array of smart features, then you would immediately guess that the price is no joke, and it isn’t. It comes with a price that is much higher than your usual smart bulb. The price is a bit steep but early contributors over at the Kickstarter crowdfunding page will get the lamp at a pre-order price.

The company claims that the Ario Lamp has a lifespan of at least 20 years. This should be justifiable considering that you have to make a bit of an investment for a lamp.


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