Apple Watch – New Ads Show of What the Wearable Tech Can do

Published: 13 April 2016Updated: 22 April 2016

Many would try and market their products by creating one advertisement and hopes that thousands, if not millions of people would take note of its existence; but this is not the case for the Apple Watch. Think of other product advertisements as rounds being shot from a pistol, whereas the wearable tech from Apple has just fired off shotgun rounds. The ads cover just about everything that the Watch can do. Of course it can tell the time, but it can do more than that. What’s more is that these ads are reminiscent to those cool iPod ads that were seen in the device’s glory days.

Apple Watch - New Ads Show of What the Wearable Tech Can do

An Array of Apple Watch Advertisements Has Just Been Launched

The first ad for Apple Watch is called Row, and it doesn’t mean the boating kind. It is the rowing exercise and it is perhaps one of the most grueling things that you can do inside a gym (or in your home if you have such an exercise machine). So what does this have to do about Apple’s wearable tech? Well, it encourages users to push the device to the limit.

In the “Row” Apple Watch ad, the woman decides to, of course, push herself to the limit. But before deciding to do so, she is about to give up with the exercise, but that is before the Apple wearable tech on her wrist begins to chime with a reminder that she’s just hit her halfway point which would make her think that she needs to try harder to achieve her fitness goals.

There’s also another advertisement called “Chase.” In this ad, it sports another form of exercise, but this time it’s about running, and for some people that isn’t much fun as rowing either. However, with a third-party app for the watch such as Argus, it does bring in some form of competition that would make users afraid of not being able to keep up with the running community.

Moving forward, in the advertisement called “Find,” it stars actress Chloë Sevigny and she shows perhaps one of the coolest features of the watch. When you swipe up from the main screen, it will provide users with a large button. Tapping on said button will make your lost iPhone cry out with an alarm so you can find it immediately.

There are also other Apple Watch advertisements that can be found such as “Surprise,” “Rain,” and “Climb.” To view these videos, you can head on to Apple’s YouTube channel.


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