Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6S Review – The Company’s Answer to their Phone’s Battery Life

Although the iPhone 6S is a great smartphone, over the years through the course of the iPhone’s iterations and improvements, the battery life was not one of its features that can be deemed as “great;” hence, the company decided to rectify that issue in the form of the Apple Smart Battery Case. With this on the iPhone 6S, it promises up to 18 hours of battery life while staying connected to a 4G LTE connection.

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6S Review - The Company's Answer to their Phone's Battery Life

The Apple Smart Battery Case Aims to Increase the Battery Life for the iPhone 6S

With the Apple Smart Battery Case on, the iPhone 6S can have over 10-hours of more battery life even when connected to a wireless mobile data connection all the time. This is an 80-percent boost to its innate battery life, and iPhone 6 users would not be left out as the case is compatible with that model as well.

Battery improvements aside, the design could use a bit more work. If you’re the type to take pictures of every new thing that you’ve just purchased then share it over your social media profiles, you might think twice about doing that with this battery case. Simply put, it looks unattractive. If it weren’t for the purpose of boosting your iPhone 6 or 6S’ battery life, you wouldn’t place this on your Apple smartphone at all.

It has a really odd bulge where the extra battery pack lives. This makes the normal iPhone case somehow ate an entire battery, whole, for lunch. But aside from its unappealing bulge, it is comfortable to the touch and when gripping it. There is a soft-touch rubbery silicone case that is also made out of the same material as Apple’s Smart Covers and cases, and other slip-on iPhone accessories. The case is lined with soft microfiber insde so that it won’t scratch or harm your iPhone’s exteriors. Those who are interested in purchasing the Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6S can get them in two colors, which are charcoal gray and white.

The Apple Smart Battery Case does have a few more advantages in-store other than the extra battery life. It has a Lightning cable pass-through, which can be used to charge your phone and the case with the use of the default cable. But if you can get by its looks, and you’re the type of person who needs to stay connected all the time, then this smart battery case for your iPhone 6 or 6S might catch your fancy.


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