Ampy Move Review – The Battery Packs That Doesn’t Offer Much Juice

Published: 9 February 2016Updated: 14 February 2016

The Ampy Move is a kinetic battery pack which will provide power to your devices as you make it move. You can attach it to your hip while you do your morning jog around town to produce power to power your devices such as your wireless earphones or mobile phone. But wouldn’t it be a marvel if this device worked the way it should? Because frankly speaking, it doesn’t deliver much juice to give to your tech.

Ampy Move Review - The Battery Packs That Doesn't Offer Much Juice

To Produce More Power for the Ampy Move, You Have to Move More

The Ampy Move started as a Kickstarter project back in October 2014, and it did raise a considerable amount to fully fund the production and market the product. While it did seem like a really swell idea at that time, the actual device doesn’t actually deliver much of the promise it made for its advertisements.

Because no matter how hard you jog, run, or workout, you can’t generate enough juice to power your devices. How bad is it? Think about this – you can put it on your hip as you do your morning jogs around town, then plug in your smartphone to it in hopes of powering it up. This should be a great idea, especially if you’re in a hurry to do your morning routine and you haven’t charged your phone for the night. Now, what might and can happen is that while you’re running or jogging, your mobile phone will run out of power and you are just left with a big “Why?” on your head.

For some reason, the device doesn’t work the way it should. If you were to vigorously shake the Ampy Move Battery Pack for about an hour, then plug your phone into it, you would see the LED indicator light up then it would promptly disappear once more.

According to the company that made the device, it would realistically take 60+ hours of continuous running to completely fill the Ampy’s 1,800mAh battery. Now if you have the stamina for running that long, then you would have enough juice to give your phone roughly 50-percent of battery life. But besides that point, that kind of stamina could only exist in triathlon competitors and other extremely fit people. But if you’re just an ordinary individual that takes normal jogs around town, then you won’t generate enough juice to even give your phone a single percent of battery.

Simply put, do not buy the Ampy Move. It was a swell idea if the product did work. At this point, you’re better off bringing a power bank with you when you go out jogging.


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