AMD – Answered Questions About the Bristol Ridge Chips

AMD now has 7th-generation chips that are embedded within the confines of laptops and tablet hybrids. These chips, codenamed Bristol Ridge, will be available on the market soon. They position themselves as a worthy adversary to the Intel Skylake architecture. To put it in brief, the tech firm claims that the new chips will promote longer battery life and better performance in laptops and tablet hybrids. The performance brought to newer systems is slightly faster, and the GPU is approximately 18-percent better as compared to last year’s Carrizo model.

AMD - Answered Questions About the Bristol Ridge Chips

Some Burning Questions Answered About the AMD Bristol Ridge Chips

The first burning question, in which many are curious about when it comes to the topic of the AMD Bristol Ridge chips, is will computers now have Thunderbolt 3 ports? As of late, no laptop that is made with an AMD CPU has a Thunderbolt port. This particular port has been exclusive towards Intel-based structures. Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 is a type of connector technology which is pretty similar to the USB. However, the difference is that the Thunderbolt 3 connection cannot transfer data as fast as the latest standards for USB technology. What it can do, on the other hand, is it can be used to hook up certain types of storage devices and monitors. Lately, there are signs that the tech company is warming up to the idea of the Thunderbolt 3 connection, so we may see some soon.

Another question is that will the new AMD chips be detachable ones? Well, before that, do know that the company has been shying away from tablets for ears. Therefore, they know that particular market is currently slumping. However, there are some laptop hybrids, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, is slowly gaining ground. The tech giant has indicated that their 7th-generation FX and A-Series chips are primarily made for computers. Therefore, it still remains to be seen if the Bristol Ridge chips can be placed behind a detachable screen.

Lastly, will AMD overcome the Intel bias? The company does hope to gain more ground with their upcoming chips so that they can deliver more of a positive sentiment around their processors. Analysts do agree that the company is putting their eggs into one basket. Furthermore, should the new chips fail to impress a large portion of the market, then the firm’s future after that is still not set in stone. But then again, should the Bristol Ridge fair well, then it can perhaps sway some Intel chip users into their side.


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