Amazon Tap Review – The Magic is Gone

If you have owned or even tried to make use of the Amazon Echo, you would know that the device talks back when you address it by its name; the Amazon Tap practically does the same but it Is a more portable version of the Amazon Echo. The only difference is that you would have to reach out to the device and tap a button on it prior to speaking to it. This technology is similar to how you would activate Siri in iOS devices.

Amazon Tap Review - The Magic is Gone

There is a Large Piece of the Entire Alexa Experience That Comes From Never Using Your Hands, and the Amazon Tap Fails in That Regard

When you tap the button on the Amazon Tap, you no longer have to say the word “Alexa” out loud. Even though it deals away with the word, it still works with practically all of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Services. Therefore, you can still set timers, enable it to play music, dim the lights to your connected and compatible smart lights, or even order diapers if you so wish. But all of these can be done right after you press that microphone button.

As for its design, the Tap is a black cylinder that measures in about as tall as that of a large glass of water. It is a bit shorter than the UE Boom 2 and noticeably smaller than the Amazon Echo. One of the more favored features for this device is the included charging cradle as it will save users the hassle of reaching behind a desk or couch just to untangle a charging cable whenever the battery cell on the device runs out of power.

The idea for the creation of this device is a compelling one as you are able to get an affordable Bluetooth speaker which also happens to be your smart personal assistant. Sound quality when it’s playing music is powered by Dolby, but its omni-directional speakers brings forth a mediocre performance. Therefore, at best, it is only for casual listeners and not for the true audiophile.

While it makes for a more portable experience than the Amazon Echo, the magic of speaking to the Echo from about 20-feet across the room is gone as you would have to get close to the Amazon Tap just to make its voice services work. Furthermore, even if you don’t have to make use of the device’s voice functionalities and use it as a Bluetooth speaker, you’d still be better off purchasing a dedicated Bluetooth speaker that delivers better sound.


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